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Sumama Zaeem


A team player and an effective community builder,Sumama has a deep understanding of IEEE Culture and Norms.His wholehearted devotion and untiring efforts to achieve the true vision of IEEE UET have rightfully earned him the title of President.

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Muhammad Ali

Vice Chairperson

Ali loves to dig into society problems and solve them using modern technology .Being the Co-founder and Director of Dawaiatdoor,he provides his coding, entrepreneurship and management skills for IEEE to reach new heights.

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Anas Ali

General Secretary

As a passionate and a diligent member of the organization, Anas Ali has always been exemplary in his tasks. He has set high goals for himself and for the team as well. Believing in co-operation he gets together with people from diverse fields quite easily.

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Syed Faizan Ali


Syed Faizan Ali, a self motived student with a strong hold in power domain. A person with stern administrative skills and determined to perform any tedious task with utmost dedication and resilience is currently working as a Treasurer of IEEE Uet for the year of 2020-21.

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Amna Mansoor Syed

Director Technical Committees

A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace,Amna thrives on challenges and is consistently eager to up-aptitude herself by learning and encountering new things. She is confident to make use of her operational competencies to benefit the team.

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Mahnoor Khalid

Director Non-Technical Committees

Being a visionary, teamwork-oriented and a creative person, Mahnoor holds exceptional communication skills and is adept in video editing and graphic designing and she owns the tasks she performs. She is a visionary and outperfroms every task.

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Abdullah Ayaz

Public Relations Officer

Abdullah Ayaz is a passionate student as well as member of IEEE UET and aims on getting the best out of the sticky wicket. He has outperformed in every event that he has been a part of.


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Muhammad Mohsin

Chair PES

Mohsin is a motivated and passionate part of IEEE UET. Being dependable and organized, he is always supporting others. He believes that a good understanding and moral fiber can help a person achieve great things.

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Muhammad Bilal

Co-Chair PES

Enriched and equipped with leadership and expert management skills, Muhammad Bilal envisions collaborative environment, spirit of teamwork and the passion of volunteering is all that is needed to change lives.

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Hafiz Muhammad Mukarram


With his impeccable track record in DAE, Mukarram aims to take the PES chapter to new heights. He strongly believes that team work, dedication, passion and sincerity lead one to his goals.

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Ali Mohsin

Chair IAS

An effective team player with the ability to work independently in a demanding environment. Ali has strong interpersonal, communication and decision-making skills which help him achieve challenging goals.

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Muhammad Umair Ali

Co-Chair IAS

Having a staunch faith in co-operation,Umair believes that sincerity and passion followed by committment are a few valuable entities that aid us in achieving our goals. He thinks that growing up while extending hands to others will take you places.

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Muhammad Abdullah

Chair RAS

Abdullah is a professional python developer,machine learning researcher and freelancer. His technical expertise make him fit for the position.

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Muhammad Asaad

Co-Chair RAS

Muhammad Asaad, An enthusiastic and cool-headed individual who is always ready to put his energy and dedication to the given tasks. He has expertise in python programming and robotics. He is very committed to his work and aims to become a successful python developer.

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Khawar Zia

Chair CS

Currently working as a Full Stack Web Developer and Programmer, Khawar aims to integrate technology into everyday life.

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Muhammad Bilal

Co-Chair CS

Bilal is a passionate and hardworking person always willing to contribute positively to work. As Co-Chair CS he aims to encourage emerging and demanding IT technologies among UETians through different events and seminars.

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Habiba Atique


Habiba is a skilled individual who believes in advancing the theory, practice, and application of computer and information processing for the betterment of the society.

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Zainab Ayub

Chair WIE

An electrical engineering student with a great passion to learn more about the in-field happenings, Zainab is also a true supporter of women in STEM. Reading good books, writing poetry and public speaking are her favourite hobbies.

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Hamda Anees

Co-Chair WIE

A dedicated, and self-motivated individual Hamda strives hard to inspire young women for academic and professional fields of engineering. She is determied to make women of her community capable enough to achieve high goals on their own.

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Harisa Shahid


Harisa Shahid, has proved to be diligent, enthusiastic, and committed to her work. Harisa is calm but vibrant, looking towards life in a highly positive manner and is always ready for new ventures.

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Usama Amir

Chair ComSoc

Usama is a complete team man, self motivated and a determined person. Usama is interested in the world of technology and advancement and aims to convey the importance of FPGAs and Hardware Architectures among the juniors.

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Muhammad Ajmair Kashif

Co-Chair ComSoc

The aspirant person who always tries to find something new and has a firm belief in self, Ajmair now has high ambitions for ComSoc. He believes that technology can convert miseries to happiness, which is why he's passionate about it.

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Ali Sajjad

GS ComSoc

Ali has praiseworthy knwoledge and insight into electronics and programming stuff. He has set his sights on creating positive advancements in technology and is always ready to learn something new and innovative.

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Khansa Umatullah


Khansa Umatullah being a diligent member has proved her worth in every aspect. She is more than determined to showcase her flairs being an executive member of the organization in the future too.

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Ayesha Sana

Co-Chair SIGHT

Instilled with the passion to serve humanity, Ayesha has introduced new plans for the SIGHT chapter and is always working in bringing ease to the suffering humanity. Now with a platform she believes in co-operating with others in extending helping hands to the community.

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Arfa Shahid

Chair Finance

Arfa is a sharp and wise person who has the ability to speak and lead positively in diverse environments. She makes sure that her committee continues to make excellent progress towards it's goals.

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Arshman Tariq

Co-Chair Finance

Arshman is a passionate person, who has a mature and responsible approach to any task that she undertakes .She looks forward to challenging environments and aims to provide benefit to the society through her skills.

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Sharjeel Rauf

Chair Design

Enriched with the exemplary artistic mind and talent ,Sharjeel provides the best of the designs for all kinds of posters, portraits and designs to the organization and provides assistance with complex designs and arranges constructive sessons.

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Junaid Javed

Co-Chair Design

Junaid is an enthusiastic person who is ready to serve the society by completing tasks on time . He aims to produce quality work by co-ordinating with the team.

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Syed Mouaaz Farrukh

Co-Chair Design

Mouaaz is a creative individual , with interesting ideas always up his sleeve. He aims to take the team forward with his engaging designs.

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Mustafa Baloch

Chair Program

Mustafa is a multitalented individual with the skill of finely managing things which makes him the perfect choice for this position. His amazing personality, influential role and humble attitude are praiseworthy.

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Waleed Ziafat

Co-Chair Program

Waleed is a determined person to unveil novel horizons of nature and is more into computer sciences. He is adept in communication and team management skills. Waleed is quite spritely equally in both the domains.

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Usman Ghani

GS Program

Usman is able to tackle any critical situation in the best way possible. He is a tech geek who aims to use this platform to enhance his social and technical skills.

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Amna Mir

Chair Web

Amna Mir, a web developer, believes in bringing innovation and being up to date with the new trends in every field especially in the field of web development. Besides being very dedicated to her committee, she has got good leadership and public speaking skills.

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Talha Masood

Co-Chair Web

Talha Masood is a passionate learner and likes to explore new things in every field. Talha is ambitious, takes challenges and constantly sets goals for himself. He is always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness.

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Maham Sheikh

Chair Documentation

A perceptive and passionate individual who believes in channeling all her energies into actionable goals. Maham believes in crafting words that hit on several levels – exclusivity, clearly explained purpose, and concise call to action.

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Aun Muhammad

Co-Chair Documentation

Infused with the transcendent aptitude of penmanship, Aun is always on the clock. With a desire to unravel new course of actions that bring life to words and make them converse to the human discernation, he is assiduous, astute and believes in applicative goals.

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Muhammad Shehroz Jajja

GS Documentation

A quite diligent person with commendable expertise in documentation, Shahroz has high aims for future. Being a friendly person he is always there to extend his help towards others.

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Madni Sadiq

Chair Promotion

Madni Sadiq has deep interest in AI and embedded systems. He is a proficient worker who truly believes in the delivery of quality. He gives his best for every task assigned and has good communication skills which suit his designation.

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Adil Hussain

Co-Chair Promotion

With his zeal and zest Adil aims to take the Promotion chapter to new heights.

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Umer Ashfaq

Chair Membership

Umer is a dedicated and self motivated individual who works well with people. Being Chairperson Membership Committee IEEE, he wants to demonstrate his management and communication skills.

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Muhammad Zeeshan

Co-Chair Membership

Zeeshan has largely impacted the membership committee and is always into the matters of organization, ready to render his services. His ardour has taken him places and he's more than determined to create an impact through his work.

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Aneeza Tahseen

GS Membership

Aneeza has a humble nature and is always ready to play a productive role in society. Being a young professional intending to continue her development as a student, she is enthusiastic and works with decisiveness and conviction.

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Mahnoor Khalid

SIGHT Librarian

As an organized and disciplined soul, Mahnoor is always passionate to ameliorate her skills by experiencing new challenges. Working as Sight Librarian, she is determined and eager to focus on activities that make a long-term difference in the lives of people.

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Arfa Zulfiqar

Chief Editor

With prior experience in the field, Arfa aims to work diligently for Elektron by IEEE UET. Furthermore, coming from a multicultural background, she has always been enthusiastic to work with people possessing different capabilities.

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Aqsa Zahid

Magazine Designer

Aqsa is dedicated, passionate, and avid team player. Her consistency and strive for projects is unmatched . Being the magazine designer, she aims to boost this chapter to high rank.

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Syed Abbas Ali Naqvi

Office Manager

Abbas Ali Naqvi is passionate about his work, is determined to govern the office with his expert management skills. He has appreciable qualities of managing things and has proven to be an asset for the organization.

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