This is for all those who have a knack for mastering the non technical aspects of their professional career. Soft skills help you in all walks of life for example how to tackle the obstacles one faces in their professional life, how to leave a good impression on a recruiter and much more.IEEE UET ventures on a mission to inculcate these skills in addition to the exceptional technical skills they gain in this institute. With highly accredited speakers on board the summit will be an excellent opportunity to make a permanent impact on one’s professional portfolio.
3 Days-7 Modules-An Unforgettable Experience. ⭐💯
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Talha Ilyas- Interpersonal Skills

Sheikh Talha Ilyas, CEO Taghayyur, Certified NLP Master Practitioner is an energetic, young, passionate, visionary by thoughts, public speaker by passion, and engineer by profession. He'll be benefiting the attendees by making them aware of a very significant aspect of life, that is, how to improve their Interpersonal Skills. The talk will focus around how working on these skills ultimately leads to develop and foster strong working relationships and contribute to increasing team and organizational productivity.

January-01 | 8:00pm

Sara Mujahid- Stress Management and Self-Confidence

Sara Mujahid, Deputy Operations Geologist at MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Co. B.V. is a very enthusiastic and passionate personality. She has been delivering talks related to professional grooming, interview skills, self-management, and finding the purpose of your life. Being a Motivational Speaker by passion and an Engineer by profession, her topic of concern will be motivating the attendees by enlightening the factual aspects of stress management and self-confidence which are now termed absolutely imperative for professional development.

January-02 | 6:00pm

Hamid Saeed- Dressing and Personality Development

Hamid Saeed, a Corporate Wardrobe Consultant, teaches ‘Corporate Dressing’ to professionals to project the right image to grow their business. He, owns a 25 years experience in conducting ‘Dress For Success’ & ‘Corporate Dressing‘ Seminars and Workshops for Fortune 500 Companies in the USA and has dealt with thousands of professional men, women and company executives. Considering the right saying, “Looking good isn't self-importance; it's self-respect”,he'll be highlighting an important factor of success, which is Dressing and Personality Development. Join him to know how your look presents a visual image and helps you tick all the important boxes immediately.

January-01 | 6:00pm

Madeeha Khan Yousafzai - Professional Development

Madeeha Khan Yousafzai is a Coach , Consultant , Trainer , Mentor in domains of Agile , Scrum , Software Project Management , and People Empowerment for last 12 years. She has been working in Information Technology , Telecommunications , Real Estate, and Hospitality sectors across Pakistan , Norway , USA for last 12 years towards Digital Transformation. Madeeha is an MBA qualified professional, NLP Coach, Agile and Scrum authorized Trainer, and has the honor of being first Pakistani Speaker and Jury Member in the most influential conferences across the world (UK, USA, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Portugal) . Being an active practitioner towards Professional Excellence, she will be speaking on Growth Mindset, Networking, Personal Branding, How to Find Your Passion and Unlock Your True Potential to Create A Promising Career.

January-03 | 6:00pm

Muazma Zahid - LinkedIn and Job Search

Muazma Zahid, a Principal Engineering Manager at Microsoft and President PWiC, possesses a hands-on experience on all phases of designing and implementing innovative solutions to complex business problems. Since, she's a Speaker and Researcher with several international publications and awards as well, she's the perfect fit to guide someone regarding his/her professional profile. LinkedIn gives you the ability to showcase your profile, expertise, recommendations and connections. Join Muazma Zahid to get to know how you can use LinkedIn to demonstrate credibility in your industry and highlight your achievements.

January-02 | 8:00pm

Kamran Z. Rizvi-Crafting Success

Kamran Z. Rizvi is currently serving as a senior consultant, executive coach, and CEO at Carnelian and mentors young leaders at School of Leadership. Kamran pioneered the self-improvement and organizational development movement in Pakistan in June 1991 by founding KZR with a mission to develop the human factor. He brings with him a wealth of cross-cultural management and leadership experience. Having a vast experience in different fields and dealing with varied people around the world, he is the most pertinent choice to speak on the module '' Crafting Success” which will mainly focus on Recruitment Methods. This module will enable students to equip themselves with the key aspects of acing their interviews and ending up with a job letter in their hands. Don’t forget to join us and finding out the do’s and don’ts on how to get recruited.

January-03 | 8:00pm

Guest Speaker


Umair Jaliawala - Public Speaking-Umair Jaliawala 🔊🎙️

With another guest speaker on board with us, possessing a portfolio as a decade-strong learning consultant, trainer, an excellent keynote speaker who keeps his audience engaged for hours, Mr. Umair Jaliawala,IEEE UET feels immensely proud to bring to you a surprise module on the topic of Public Speaking. As a keynote speaker, Soft-Skills Trainer and Learning Facilitator, Mr. Jaliawala has delivered hundreds of sessions on the aforementioned modules. This session from the pioneer, will make you able to know the right words to use in order to keep the audience captivated, engaged and help the audience remember your words for days to come. Also, you will be able to set up fixed standards for the interpretation of thought, and you’ll be capable enough to enthrone you will to rule over the thoughts of the audience. 

January-02 | 4:00pm

For all those who have a knack for mastering the non technical aspects of their professional career. With adept guest speakers on board with us, possessing portfolios as decade-strong learning consultants, trainers, excellent keynote speakers who keep their audience engaged for hours, IEEE UET feels immense pleasure to announce that only 1 day is left in the Summit on Soft Skills 2021 which will help you in all walks of life, and how to leave a good impression on a recruiter and much more.IEEE UET ventures on a mission to inculcate these skills in addition to the exceptional technical skills they gain in this institute. With highly accredited speakers on board the summit will be an excellent opportunity to make a permanent impact on one’s professional portfolio.
3 Days-7 Modules-An Unforgettable Experience. ⭐💯
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Last Summit Highlights


IEEE UET has always kept its essence by organizing events which provide prolific skills to the seekers. In view of this, a summit on soft skills was conducted on 19th of February 2020, maintaining IEEE’s ever advancing aura.

Past Event Speakers

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Osama Ikram Qureshi, a graduate from Carnegie Mellon University in Business Administration, has served as the Channel Category Head at Nestle Qatar. Holding onto the influencing and business mind, he launched his own brand named ShaveBox. Osama, being a professional and social activist, emphasized on building connections through social platforms specially LinkedIn. His talk will be revolved around the utilization of LinkedIn platform and making the students aware of the opportunities present there.

Osama Ikram Qureshi – LinkedIn and Job Search

Muhammad Ali, currently serving as an Assistant Professor in School of Management at FAST Lahore, got expertise in teaching leadership, ethics and negotiation skills. Muhammad Ali has been involved in corporate training which were mainly covering the areas of personal development, conflict resolution and negotiation at workplace. He focused his session around developing and un-leashing the true human potential and supporting others to discover their own potential.

Dr. Muhammad Ali – Professional Development

Salis Usman - General Manager in Power System Planning at National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC). He emphasized on building up excellent communication skills. Being an efficient speaker, he explained how to be in with a shot of getting an interview for the job, and the tips to master the art of writing an outstanding CV. He also shared how to avoid the pitfalls that might lessen your chances of getting that job.

Salis Usman Khan – Preparation of an Effective CV and Successful Job Interview

Amna Niazi is an eminent individual affiliated with teaching profession from more than 10 years. She is an active researcher with articles published in multiple journals and conducted many seminars to impart in-depth knowledge of research work and entrepreneurship for the students. In her module, she explained chief characteristics of the entrepreneurs, the high risks involved in launching a startup and the facts that people often suffer failures along their path to success during their startup.

Amna Khan Niazi – Entrepreneurship

Moiz Husnain, a freshly graduated computer geek who always wanted to create programs like Microsoft. Moiz has always an entrepreneurial spirit that successfully helped him launching his own company named Grandeur Technologies. As an entrepreneur, he covered the ways to seek new opportunities, explore and exploit various possibilities encouraging the active mobilization of skills and contributing to develop new products and services.

Moiz Husnain – Entrepreneurship

Some Glimpses of the past summit