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Best WIE Volunteer

Serving as Vice Chairperson of IEEE UET Women in Engineering (WIE), Hajra Sarwar won the Best WIE Volunteer award from the IEEE Lahore Section. The award was given for her significant contributions in promoting WIE activities which include modules amd talk sessions about Women in Engineering in APES’18, specialised tour of females to Mentor Graphics Lahore, workshop on Entrepreneurship and 3rd IEEE LSYWTC.

Best Student WIE Affinity Group

IEEE has been one of those forums which has proven to be one of the best media of connection between Electrical Engineers all over the world. However, being a male dominant field, engineering has always been a challenge for women to prove themselves. Amidst this, WOMEN IN ENGINEERING section of IEEE is another wing that helps women prove their potential abilities negating all the prejudice and segregation and once again, proving themselves, our women engineers have bagged another accolade of being the BEST AFFINITY in Lahore. Having been active in contributing to progressive events like APES ’18 (Women module), Tour to Mentor Graphics and Road to Sustainable Entrepreneurial Practices to mention a few, women in engineering have yet again proven their worth. We, at WIE, believe in the spark of the passion that just awaits to be ignited in our girls, which can take us and ultimately the world to new heights of glory!

WIE Affinity Group - Runner Up

IEEE UET WIE has made us all proud by acquiring the title of Runner-up for the best WIE Affinity Group for year 2016. The group takes a powerful stance to support, engage, empower and inspire female engineers. This award is an evidence of how the team has outdone itself to provide females the right forum to prove themselves and progress. Kudos to the members for their dedication and effort!

Best Student Branch - Runner Up

“Perseverance commands success.” Standing on firm grounds on this belief IEEE UET has often proved itself to be the best amongst all bagging the award for the Best Student branch of 2012 This accolade bear witness to our success story as a whole. stands as an indication of the endless hard work, dedication and effort of it’s members enabling such heights of glory to be attained. IEEE has succeeded in maintaining its ever advancing aura, adopting a progressive nature and progressing as a unit each year. Stay tuned for further astonishment as our team raises the bar much higher each successive year with its aspirations and achievements. There is no way but up from here!


Mamoon Masood

Mamoon Masood has served IEEE UET Student Branch as a treasurer (2015-2016) and later as chairperson (2016-2017). He is a brilliant and scholarly person and now is working as Research assistant at Information Technology University, Lahore. IEEE IAS conducts various annual contests and the winners automatically qualify for AMTG (Annual meeting travel grant). His project related to health facility in 2017 Humanitarian Project Contest, got 2nd prize. In recognition of which he was awarded with the IEEE IAS travel grant in 2017 to attend IAS Annual Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. He got the best Student poster award for his final year project EMG controlled Robotic Arm for Amputees in IAS Annual Meeting which happened to be his first international conference. He was also awarded a travel grant via IEEE Industry Applications Society.

Maria Shaukat

Maria Shaukat is an exceptionally talented member of IEEE. In 2017, she was awarded the WIE IAS travel grant to attend the 39th Annual International Conference of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society in Jeju Island, South Korea. She was also granted IEEE IAS Annual Meeting Travel Grant in recognition of securing 1st position in education category of IAS Humanitarian Project Contest. Furthermore, she was presented with Women in Engineering Annual International Leadership Conference Volunteer Grant to attend WIE ILC held in United States of America. She actively participated in All Pakistan Power and Energy Symposium 2016 (APPES’16) and All Pakistan Electrical Symposium 2017 (APES’17) organized by IEEE. She was invited as a speaker to the later one where she shared her success story. She is an ultimate source of inspiration for all students.

Maria Shaukat

Maria Shaukat won the outstanding WIE volunteer of IEEE Lahore section award for 2016-2017 due to her outstanding perforances in the IEEE society.

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