Membership Team

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Membership Team


The Membership Committee supports membership growth by actively recruiting, retaining, and engaging members. Ability to actively contribute to the recruitment of new members to meet committee recruitment goals


To identify potential new members, contact lapsed members, and engage current members. Occasionally the membership committee will provide input and feedback regarding membership needs, programs and policies.


To enhance the social skills and to reflect the values and culture of organization through the new inductees and their performances.Also to establish strong industry connections across the supply chain.

Team Heads

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Umer is a dedicated and self motivated individual who works well with people. Being Chairperson Membership Committee IEEE, he wants to demonstrate his management and communication skills.

Umer Ashfaq / Chair Membership

Zeeshan has largely impacted the membership committee and is always into the matters of organization, ready to render his services. His ardour has taken him places and he's more than determined to create an impact through his work.

Muhammad Zeeshan / Co-Chair Membership

Aneeza has a humble nature and is always ready to play a productive role in society. Being a young professional intending to continue her development as a student, she is enthusiastic and works with decisiveness and conviction.

Aneeza Tahseen / GS Membership