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Web Team


Web Development continuously strives to improve in accord with the organization as a premier outsourcing team in the field of web design, development, mobile web and application development. It aims to achieve this through excellent services and unmatched professional skill.


In serving its organization, Web Development team gives its best to deliver technically sound and captivating websites while ensuring exceptional visitors’ support throughout the process along with making a new lot of students able to excel in one of the emerging freelancing domains.


To provide the best facilities in the domain with a team of highly proficient web developers. From developing user-friendly websites to complex applications for educational purposes, Web team visions to make students able to explore more as they challenge the preconceptions of the field.

Team Heads

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Amna Mir, a web developer, believes in bringing innovation and being up to date with the new trends in every field especially in the field of web development. Besides being very dedicated to her committee, she has got good leadership and public speaking skills.

Amna Mir / Chair Web

Talha Masood is a passionate learner and likes to explore new things in every field. Talha is ambitious, takes challenges and constantly sets goals for himself. He is always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness.

Talha Masood / Co-Chair Web