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Women in Engineering Society (WIE)


Women in engineering has always been a very heated topic particularly when it comes to a developing country like Pakistan. We have always struggled to establish equality whenever it comes to fields where women are under-represented and that are male dominant like Engineering. However, IEEE’s Women in Engineering has done quite a lot in giving women the push they always needed. Emancipation of women on a level that was never thought of is one big landmark that IEEE has achieved.


Stimulating women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expanding the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, demonstrating the value of diversity is the main maxim that WIE in IEEE works by. We, in Women in Engineering, are here only and only to encourage you that Yes! You can do it. You have the potential that only needs either to be restored or replenished. The spark is still there, you can shimmer brighter than ever.

Team Heads

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An electrical engineering student with a great passion to learn more about the in-field happenings, Zainab is also a true supporter of women in STEM. Reading good books, writing poetry and public speaking are her favourite hobbies.

Zainab Ayub / Chair WIE

A dedicated, and self-motivated individual Hamda strives hard to inspire young women for academic and professional fields of engineering. She is determied to make women of her community capable enough to achieve high goals on their own.

Hamda Anees / Co-Chair WIE

Harisa Shahid, has proved to be diligent, enthusiastic, and committed to her work. Harisa is calm but vibrant, looking towards life in a highly positive manner and is always ready for new ventures.

Harisa Shahid / GS WIE