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Promotion Team


This very chapter of IEEE UET Lahore is responsible for planning and managing campaigns to promote the events and making sure activeness of the society at social media platform.


Collaborating with other teams and core to let them know about new policies, in accordance with the need of time, to get the maximum outcome of an event and keep record of all posts on social media. Moreover colaborating with other socities and departments, for making an event successful, is also a duty of promotion or marketing team.


To project a positive image of the society everywhere. Also to revolutionize the promotional strategy ensuring no one misses out what the society has to offer.

Team Heads

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Madni Sadiq has deep interest in AI and embedded systems. He is a proficient worker who truly believes in the delivery of quality. He gives his best for every task assigned and has good communication skills which suit his designation.

Madni Sadiq / Chair Promotion

With his zeal and zest Adil aims to take the Promotion chapter to new heights.

Adil Hussain / Co-Chair Promotion