Program Team

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Program Team


Comprising the zestful and energetic members, the Program Team organizes, aptly manages and deals with all the proceedings of the events. Being a prime team, it focuses on bringing the best comfort for the attendants either it be a webinar or a seminar, it has always led from the front.


To reflect the values, philosophy of technology and new innovations in the field and reflect the organizational culture. To reflect the distinctive competence of the organization by the events taking place.


To lead the way in providing value and giving positive memories to the guests through commitment to the organization and its people, systems and technology and aptly arranging the events ranging from webinars to the annual symposiums.

Team Heads

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Mustafa is a multitalented individual with the skill of finely managing things which makes him the perfect choice for this position. His amazing personality, influential role and humble attitude are praiseworthy.

Mustafa Baloch / Chair Program

Waleed is a determined person to unveil novel horizons of nature and is more into computer sciences. He is adept in communication and team management skills. Waleed is quite spritely equally in both the domains

Waleed Ziafat / Co-Chair Program

Usman is able to tackle any critical situation in the best way possible. He is a tech geek who aims to use this platform to enhance his social and technical skills.

Usman Ghani / GS Program