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Power And Energy Society (PES)


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is an international society which contains not only Electrical Engineers but also Engineers from other fields. Power and Energy Society (PES) of IEEE UET Lahore contains students of Electrical Engineering Department and Electrical Engineers in it. In PES they can work together and share information related to Power and Energy Systems.


PES is an organization in which senior fellows not only work on different projects related to Power and Energy systems but also introduces the Advance technology using in the developed countries to their junior fellows and help them to build up their concepts and understandings about Power and Energy systems in the world. This organization gives exposure to the students of Electrical Engineering Department in the Research field also.


PES IEEE Uet Lahore is the best source of sharing technical information about Power and Energy Systems. It not only build the interest in students but also provides a platform for the students of Electrical Engineering Department to work together on Power and Energy Systems. So that in Future they can perform better in their fields and prove to be the best Engineers.

Team Heads

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Mohsin is a motivated and passionate part of IEEE UET. Being dependable and organized, he is always supporting others. He believes that a good understanding and moral fiber can help a person achieve great things.

Muhammad Mohsin / Chair PES

Enriched and equipped with leadership and expert management skills, Muhammad Bilal envisions collaborative environment, spirit of teamwork and the passion of volunteering is all that is needed to change lives.

Muhammad Bilal/ Co-Chair PES

With his impeccable track record in DAE, Mukarram aims to take the PES chapter to new heights. He strongly believes that team work, dedication, passion and sincerity lead one to his goals.

Hafiz Muhammad Mukarram / GS PES