Events 2019

Elektron Magazine
4th - 6th October, 2018


All Pakistan Electrical Symposium 2019 (APES'19) is the fourth annual symposium organised by IEEE UET Lahore Student Branch in collaboration with Department of Electrical Engineering...

26th January, 2019

IEEE Lahore Student Young Professionals Women-in-engineering

The IEEE Lahore Student Young Professionals Women-in-engineering Technical Congress (LSYWTC) is an annual signature event...

30th Jan - 6th Febs, 2019


The purpose of this workshop was to give knowledge to participants how to program in LabVIEW...

8th Febraury, 2019

Sustainable Practices and Entrepreneurial Leadership by WIE

This workshop comprised of talk by the expert Miss Hira Javaid from Foster Learning Pakistan on sustainable practices...

6th Febraury, 2019


With aim to develop understanding among students about modern tech IAS under umbrella of IEEE UET...

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