Documentation Team

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Documentation Team


Equipped with skilled writers who try to bring articulation to the writings explaining the proceedings of events happening at the organization and campus, Documentation Team always provides with the context-oriented content, covers all the events and documents them in a reader-friendly manner.


To make the best use of ingenious writers at campus, giving access to all the research-based and innovational events and complete participation in them, to drive a sense of better penmanship, productivity and making complex goals achievable within its reader’s context.


To bring inspiration and innovation to every technology-craving mind through its words. With the best use of technical writing tools, the team aims at bringing better readability and comprehension of the events even for a layman.

Team Heads

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A perceptive and passionate individual who believes in channeling all her energies into actionable goals. Maham believes in crafting words that hit on several levels – exclusivity, clearly explained purpose, and concise call to action.

Maham Sheikh / Chair Documentation

Infused with the transcendent aptitude of penmanship, Aun is always on the clock. With a desire to unravel new course of actions that bring life to words and make them converse to the human discernation, he is assiduous, astute and believes in applicative goals.

Aun Muhammad / Co-Chair Documentation

A quite diligent person with commendable expertise in documentation, Shahroz has high aims for future. Being a friendly person he is always there to extend his help towards others.

Muhammad Shehroz Jajja / GS Documentation