Design Team

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Design Team


Being the creative lead of the team the Design Committee runs things on the creative forefront and thus the branding of the society.


The design team aims to assist in branding of the society through high quality, professional and complete creative services in all design & communication fields including logo,flyer and poster designing.


The committee wishes to inspire the audience, persuade people to take action and effectively communicate the message through artistic designs. With an out of the box approach the team hopes to inspire many to improve their design thinking procedure.

Team Heads

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Enriched with the exemplary artistic mind and talent ,Sharjeel provides the best of the designs for all kinds of posters, portraits and designs to the organization and provides assistance with complex designs and arranges constructive sessons.

Sharjeel Rauf / Chair Design

Junaid is an enthusiastic person who is ready to serve the society by completing tasks on time . He aims to produce quality work by co-ordinating with the team.

Junaid Javed / Co-Chair Design

Mouaaz is a creative individual , with interesting ideas always up his sleeve. He aims to take the team forward with his engaging designs.

Syed Mouaaz Farrukh / Co-Chair Design