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Communication Society (ComSoc)


With an aim to advance communications and networking technology for the betterment of humanity, IEEE COMSOC is the premier technical chapter for engineering professionals in communications technology and information technology.


The IEEE Communications Society promotes technological innovation and fosters creation and sharing of information among the technical community. The Society provides services to members for their technical and professional advancement and forums for technical exchanges among professionals in academia industry, and other technical societies.


To bring the technical world together in harmony through communications and networking technology research, application, education, and incubation of new ideas. We envisualize developing higher industry standards, and changing the way we all communicate, for the better.

Team Heads

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Usama is a complete team man, self motivated and a determined person. Usama is interested in the world of technology and advancement and aims to convey the importance of FPGAs and Hardware Architectures among the juniors.

Usama Amir / Chair ComSoc

The aspirant person who always tries to find something new and has a firm belief in self, Ajmair now has high ambitions for ComSoc. He believes that technology can convert miseries to happiness, which is why he's passionate about it.

Muhammad Ajmair Kashif / Co-Chair ComSoc

Ali has praiseworthy knwoledge and insight into electronics and programming stuff. He has set his sights on creating positive advancements in technology and is always ready to learn something new and innovative.

Ali Sajjad / GS ComSoc