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Computer Science Society (CS)


The IEEE Computer Society is the leading membership organization of the world that is dedicated to the innovation in Computer Science. Our international members have strength more than 60,000 across the globe. This thing makes it a source of trusted information, career-development and networking source for the technology leaders of global community that covers educators, students, researchers, software engineers, IT professionals and employers.


Computer Society is one of the most critical chapter of IEEE UET and working on the vision and mission of the international IEEE Computer Society i.e. to be leading provider of the technical information, personalized and community services to the computing professionals of the world and show commitment through diversity, equity and inclusion. Our purpose is to provide information regarding latest advancement in the computer field to our student so they can get the exposure of the technology and can be able to implement these in their practical careers as well.


IEEE UET Computer Society is bringing completely new hand-on workshops this year for students, jobholders and teachers such as Introduction to MATLAB, Advancements in Bioinformatics & Machine Learning leading towards Deep Learning. We encourage you to all to be a part of IEEE UET Computer Society and explore the whole new domain of the latest technology in the Computer Sciences.

Team Heads

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Currently working as a Full Stack Web Developer and Programmer, Khawar aims to integrate technology into everyday life.

Khawar Zia / Chair CS

Bilal is a passionate and hardworking person always willing to contribute positively to work. As Co-Chair CS he aims to encourage emerging and demanding IT technologies among UETians through different events and seminars.

Muhammad Bilal/ Co-Chair CS

Habiba is a skilled individual who believes in advancing the theory, practice, and application of computer and information processing for the betterment of the society.

Habiba Atique / GS CS